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Are you Green?


Campus Tower makes it easy to be kind to the environment while you go about your business. Our hotel offers the eCampus Meeting program which is our commitment to ensuring you have all the resources you need to hold a productive meeting, while also making it easy to hold a green meeting that is tailored to your individual needs.  We encourage maximum waste diversion and environmental awareness for conference delegates.

The program includes:

a)       "Disposable-free" food & beverage services and recycling stations in our meeting rooms. This service is an important element to a sustainable meeting and, for example, includes china and cutlery used instead of disposal items, pictures and glasses instead of bottled water, linen napkins instead of paper, and centerpieces that are made from reusable items such as silk flowers. White boards are used rather than paper flip charts.

b)      In-room electronic information about our program, recycling bins, optional sheet and towel replacement, energy-efficient lighting, and water-conserving showerheads, toilets & tap aerators.

c)      Electronic information of our hotel green program to meeting planners & delegates, while providing innovative and exceptional green meeting services. We provide paperless services such as on line information, downloadable documents and electronic e-mailable contracts.

Meeting planners wanting to "green" their meetings can work with Campus Tower Suite Hotel knowledgeable ambassadors to tailor aspects of this unique program.