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What Does a Wedding Planner Do?


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Planning your wedding can be both time consuming and stressful, but it doesn't have to be! From advising you which caterers are notoriously mediocre, to knowing which hotels will provide a complimentary bridal suite for your big day, wedding planners have insights into the local wedding market that a first (and even second!) time bride would not have.

While every wedding planner will have their own name for their services, most provide the same general packages. Familiarize yourself with these four types of services below:

  1. Full-service
    The full-service planner will assist you with every facet of your wedding day, from design and budget consultations to finding and booking vendors. Generally this is the most expensive option for a bride and groom, and is recommended for couples with little free time, or those that prefer to have a guiding hand throughout the planning process. 
  2. Month-of coordination
    Planners that offer month-of coordination will generally handle the practical side of planning--ensuring that the caterer receives the final numbers and menu selections on time, handing out day-of timelines for each vendor, coordinating with decor vendors to ensure the set-up is completed properly. Month-of coordination is recommended for any couple that does not need assistance with designing their wedding or choosing their vendors, but want assistance with coordinating the vendors leading up to, as well as the day of, the wedding.
  3. Day-of coordination
    If you are selecting a day-of coordinator, chances are you feel very comfortable with planning your own wedding. Day-of coordinators will make sure that the wedding runs according to schedule, hand out required payments to vendors, and have a keen eye for catching any guests headed to make an unplanned speech. They are the ones that will have acetaminophen for brides with headaches, a needle and thread for emergency dress fixes; they are the ones that run your wedding like a well-oiled machine. Day-of coordination is recommended for any bride that wants a guardian angel on their wedding day, and that doesn't want to deal with the minor emergencies that are guaranteed to arise. 
  4. Wedding design
    Planners that offer wedding design will help you weed through the millions of wedding pins on Pinterest, and plan the wedding of your dreams. They will assist with creating the vision for your wedding, and may also have suggestions for vendors that can make the vision a reality. Generally, wedding designers do not assist with the actual booking of the wedding, but they may offer month- or day-of options. Wedding design is recommended for any couple that feels overwhelmed with all of the options available for weddings, and wants help making their wedding dreams a reality.   

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