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The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes


The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes- March 25 - Sept. 5, 2016

Telus World of Science - Edmonton 

The exhibition brings Sherlock Holmes to life as never before as you step into Conan Doyle’s Victorian London and work side-by-side with his legendary detective.

Inside the exhibition, you will become Holmes’ eyes and ears as he tackles a baffling new case in a world steeped in innovation and experimentation. Along the way you’ll see a dazzling array of original manuscripts, publications, period artifacts, film and television props and costumes.

Visitors will learn to use investigative tools and techniques from Holmes himself, and test yourself with exciting, interactive crime-solving opportunities. With 120 years of scientific progress and discovery behind them, you become one of today’s master sleuths by participating in hands-on experiments developed with real forensic specialists.

An Interactive Experience

Audiences of all ages will explore areas of forensic science that enabled Sherlock Holmes to solve crimes, and brings to life the historic underpinnings of author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s rich and vibrant stories.

Learn how Sherlock Holmes, a fictional scientific expert ahead of his time, used seemingly trivial observations of clues others missed to solve some of his era’s most mysterious crimes.

Solve a mystery in a world newly introduced to his groundbreaking methods, and then be transported back into present day with a pop culture gallery that shows Sherlock Holmes in all his manifestations from books to movies.

The Exhibition features original manuscripts, period artifacts, props from the Warner Bros.’ current Sherlock Holmes movies set in the Victorian era, alongside costumes, props and behind the scenes tools from the hit CBS television show Elementary and the BBC’s Sherlock, both of which set Sherlock Holmes in the present day.

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